Caribbean music and the influence it has on the caribbean music essay

It is based on interviews with former and present panmen and pan women in Trinidad and Tobago and also draws on government documents, newspapers, and personal observations during some sixteen months of fieldwork in Trinidad between and

Caribbean music and the influence it has on the caribbean music essay

United Kingdom The 50s and 60s saw waves of Caribbean immigrants arriving on British shores, with large communities forming, primarily in port cities such as London and Liverpool.

It was in these places, predominantly working-class areas such as Tottenham and Brixton, with large Jamaican populations, where the likes of reggae and ska started to make their way into the British consciousness.

Ska While much of Britain initially distanced itself from its new Caribbean neighbours and their culture, one subculture welcomed them: Skinheads were generally working-class youths, who found that they actually had more in common with Caribbean immigrants than they did with the British upper and middle classes and the two groups bonded over a mutual love of ska music amongst other things.

While the skinhead culture was unfortunately hijacked by racist groups in later years, it was one of the first examples of British culture embracing Caribbean music.

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Punk By the s, reggae started to influence a more unlikely group of artists; the new punk bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols. Whether it was the basslines, anti-establishment stance or perhaps that they both enjoyed a bit of recreational drug taking! Jumping forward to the modern day, Caribbean music styles such as reggae, dub and dancehall can all be seen in modern electronic music, with the likes of jungle, drum and bass, dubstep and trip-hop all owing a lot to the Caribbean.

Like in the UK, many Caribbean immigrants arrived around the 50s and 60s, and again they settled in the port cities, predominantly the South Bronx in New York City. Jamaica and Grandmaster Flash, who was born right here in Barbados. This documentary from Complex explores the impact of the Caribbean in a bit more depth if you want to find out more.

As you can see, the music of the Caribbean has spread much further than this chain of islands, influencing the modern music landscape in a massive way!

Los Angeles Times - We are currently unavailable in your region Overview[ edit ] Large numbers of African slaves and European, mostly Spanish, immigrants came to Cuba and brought their own forms of music to the island.

Please be aware that you can opt out at anytime.The African influence constitutes a stylistic common denominator throughout most kinds of Caribbean music, manifesting itself in the form of lively syncopations (rhythms emphasizing offbeats), call-and-response vocal formats, and ostinatos (repeated musical .

This work represents a first of its kind in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

How Caribbean music has influenced other cultures

A key product of regional and international popular culture, the music video, is . MARCELLO BALLROOM, LEVEL 4 Up until two years ago, a music video was used to promote the song.

With the advent of different social media and streaming platforms, it has . The American Empire. By Wade Frazier. Revised July Purpose and Disclaimer. Timeline. Introduction. The New World Before “Discovery,” and the First Contacts.

Caribbean music and the influence it has on the caribbean music essay

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