Comm218 ethical speaking analysis essay example

Dixon The most recent situation I have had involving speech ethics, had to be when I first started my job as front desk clerk at the Marriott hotel. So when I started working at the Marriott as a front desk clerkthe main attribute of the job was speaking and interacting with guest. I started watching videos for proper speech ethics and it really helped me out a lot, I am still employed by Marriott four years later, and it has been the best job I have had so far. Not only have I gotten good at speaking and interacting with the guest I find myself enjoying it.

Comm218 ethical speaking analysis essay example


Download this Essay in word format. Rupert Murdoch gave a speech in that defines ethics in a manner that many individuals would likely find quite enlightening.

In that speech, Murdoch states "There is simply no excuse for unethical behavior. There are real issues that we must confront and are confronting.

We could not be taking this more seriously or listening as intently to criticisms" Murdoch,p.

Comm218 ethical speaking analysis essay example

The violation of ethical conduct that Rupert was referring to were the actions taken by a number of journalists in his employment. The journalists were accused of hacking into personal telephone voicemails.

Having harboured a secret desire to be a professional journalist at sometime in my life, I followed closely the allegations, as well as Mr. In his speech to shareholders of the company that he runs, Murdoch states "if we hold others to account, then we must hold ourselves to account" p.

I am impressed that the man would readily acknowledge the fact that a company as large as his has a burden, a duty, to do more than just generate profits. As Murdoch explains "we cannot be just a profitable company -- we must be a principled company" p.

Other considerations are important as well; in fact the CEO of Dow Chemical Company agrees with Murdoch on the importance of ethics in business. Liveris gave a speech and in that speech states that the work that the Center for Business Ethics "is a constant reminder that all of our institutions- including those in the business world -- must be built on a culture of trust" Liveris,p.

Building a culture of trust, being a principled company, according to Murdoch and Liveris, are important aspects to running a company. Why is ethics so important, not only in managing the affairs of business but in every aspect of life.

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One party is the provider of information, while the other party is the receiver of that information. If the receiver of the purveyed information does not trust the source, then would the receiver continue to purchase the information, would the receiver continue….This is clearly an ethical problem within their agency with the leadership and the culture they have developed.

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