Count of monte cristo annalysis

The story begins during the eighteenth century and takes place in the country of France. The environment is within the travelling adventures of men embarking on a ship called the Pharoan. The protagonist is introduced by the author as being, Edmond Dantes. This character is seemingly described as being an extremely trustworthy and very naive young man.

Count of monte cristo annalysis

The rest of his life is spent, at first, performing acts of goodness and charity for the good people whom he has known. Monsieur Morrel, a shipbuilder and shipowner This is a kindly man interested only in doing good for others and for his family. This act causes the antagonism of others.

Thus, virtue is highly rewarded. Cesare Spada A member of the Spada family living in Italy in the fourteenth century; he amassed such a huge fortune that the expression "rich as Spada" became a common saying, thus evoking much envy for such great wealth.

Spada was poisoned — but not before he secretly buried his great wealth on the island of Monte Cristo. She became the "property" of the Count of Monte Cristo. Eventually, Monte Cristo begins to fall in love with her and at the end of the novel, they sail off into the horizon: This refusal prompted Bertuccio to swear a vendetta against Villefort.

After stabbing Villefort and thinking that he killed him, Bertuccio took the box, assuming that it contained money or gold or something else valuable.

To his dismay, a live infant was inside, whom Bertuccio took home to his sister-in-law. The woman raised the child and called him Benedetto; later, his alias is Andrea Cavalcanti. Luigi Vampa Chief of a large gang of bandits, whose headquarters are in the ancient catacombs outside of Rome.

Some years earlier, Monte Cristo met Vampa when the bandit was still a young shepherd, and they exchanged gifts which should have made them lifelong friends, but apparently Vampa forgot because he later tried to capture the Count only to be captured by the Count.

Vampa also serves the Count by kidnapping Monsieur Danglars at the end of the novel and holding him prisoner until the Baron is forced to spend all of the five million francs that he embezzled from charity hospitals.

Signor Pastrini The owner of the Hotel de Londres in Rome who arranges for the meeting between the Count of Monte Cristo and Albert de Morcerf, a meeting which the Count anticipates so that his introduction to his enemies can be effected. Peppino was sentenced to death, and the Count used his wealth he gave one of the three enormous emeralds from his treasures to the Pope, who installed it in his tiara and his influence to buy a pardon for Peppino, just minutes before Peppino was to be executed.

Swimming toward a ship which he hopes will rescue him, he is approaching the vessel when his strength gives out. He is pulled out of the water by Jacopo, who then lends him a pair of pants and a shirt. Later, when Monte Cristo pretends to be wounded on the island of Monte Cristo, Jacopo proves his devotion and loyalty to the Count by volunteering to give up his share of the smuggling bounty in order to look after his friend.

Thus, Monte Cristo now knows that he has found a loyal and devoted friend whom he can fully trust to help him once he has recovered the treasure of the Spada family.

Count of monte cristo annalysis

Busoni rewards Caderousse for his narration, hoping that Caderousse will become an honest man. Monsieur De Villefort Villefort is described early in the novel as the type of person who "would sacrifice anything to his ambition, even his own father.

Villefort is the prosecuting attorney, with great powers of life and death. Because of his political ambitions, Villefort is willing to have an innocent man imprisoned for life. Thus, he becomes the central enemy against whom the Count of Monte Cristo effects revenge.

He later takes a second wife and has one son, Edouard, by her. When the child is born, Villefort announces that the child is stillborn and takes the child in a box to the garden, where he plans to bury him alive.

However, an assassin who has a vendetta for Villefort stabs him and, thinking that the box contains treasure, he takes it, only to find that it contains an infant who is ultimately raised by him and his sister-in-law.

The boy is named Benedetto, and he will later be brought back to Paris by Monte Cristo as Prince Cavalcanti and will accuse his own father, Villefort, of all of his dastardly deeds.

The Count of Monte Cristo -Betrayal

A son whom the father tried to kill as an infant becomes the instrument of Divine Justice and accuses and destroys the evil father.Slumdog Therapy What Slumdog Millionaire teaches us about personal growth The Count of Monte Cristo, whose main character was most challenged by the character trait of naivete The Count of.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a very powerful book. So powerful in fact, that was controversial when it was first released. The Catholic Church in France condemned it because of its powerful message it presented the reader.

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Stubbs Honors English, “The Count Of Monte Cristo“ The story “The Count of Monte Cristo” revolved around between the rich and the poor people can or cannot do when it comes to influence and power, and the revenge of Edmond Dantes.

Edmond Dantes is a good-hearted and God-fearing. Ten years later, Dantès emerges in Rome, calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo. He seems to be all knowing and unstoppable.

Count of monte cristo annalysis

In Rome Dantès ingratiates himself to Albert de Morcerf, son of Fernand Mondego and Mercédès, by saving him from bandits. Played Jacques Menard in "The Count of Monte Cristo" in Played Cafe Owner in "Hell Drivers" in Played Mr.

Steele in "The Tommy Steele Story" in Characterization Worksheet 2 – This worksheet has ten more characterization problems. Students read the passages, identify the implied character trait, and explain their answers using text. Students read the passages, identify the implied character trait, and explain their answers using text.

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