Ebola assignment

Global travel on this scale exposes many people to a range of health risks. Many of these risks can be minimized by precautions taken before, during and after travel WHO Recently the West African Ebola outbreak has been the largest, most severe and most complex in human history.

Ebola assignment

Currently, there are five acknowledged Bola virus species, four of which are known to initiate disease in humans: Bola viruses are located in several African countries.

Ebola assignment

The latter happened in a village near the Bola River, from which this ravaging disease takes its name. Signs and symptoms of Bola Individuals who have contracted the Bola virus disease EVADE are not known to be infectious until they develop signs and symptoms. Signs and symptoms caused by the Bola virus may appear anywhere from two, to twenty-one days after exposure, but more commonly they begin abruptly within eight to ten days of a person being infected.

Thomas Eric Duncan, Ebola victim in Texas, has died - CBS News

Fever Severe headaches Muscle and joint pain Weakness Fatigue Over time, symptoms may progress and become increasingly severe, these include: Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea may contain blood Raised rash Malfunction of the liver and kidneys Abdominal stomach pain Unexplained hemorrhage bleeding or bruising internal and external Some cases exhibit internal and external bleeding, that may progress to multi- organ failure and worse case scenario, death.

When the EVADE occurs in humans, the virus can be spread to others by direct contact through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example: Objects syringes and needles that have been used by an infected individual with EVADE and then contaminated with the virus.


Surfaces and materials bedding and clothing that have been contaminated with organs r other bodily fluids of an EVADE infected individual. EVADE cannot be spread by air, water, or in general, food.

However, throughout Africa, Bola may be spread as a result of butchering or eating bush-meat wild animals hunted for food. Family members and friends may often become infected as they care for sick relatives or prepare the dead individual for the burial.

EVADE patients remain infectious for as long as their blood and bodily fluids including saliva, urine, sweat, vomit, feces, semen and breast milkcontain the virus. According to the CDC: Currently there are no commercially available EVADE vaccines but two potential vaccines are undergoing human safety testing.

Reiteration with oral or intravenous liquids and balancing electrolytes body salts. Maintaining a regular oxygen status and blood pressure.

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Treating co-existing infections and counteracting other infections from occurring. Additionally a range of potential treatments including blood products, immune therapies and drug treatments are currently being evaluated. Choose Type of service.Recently the West African Ebola outbreak has been the largest, most severe and most complex in human history.

For more than a year, people from all over the world have answered the call to work with WHO to overcome this outbreak. Language English, Subtitles: Greek, Indonesian, Arabic How To Pass Pass all graded assignments to complete the course. User Ratings stars Average User Rating See what learners said Coursework Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects.

Ebola in the field: The Médecins Sans /10(4). By Assignment Task June 5, Assignment Help Ebola in Nigeria, Ebola Virus Disease assignment help Summary The recent news article on Ebola has illustrated many facts associated with the disease named Ebola in Nigeria.

Ebola Assignment Essay. Once the Bola virus makes its way into the body, it invades the body’s cells and replicates itself - Ebola Assignment Essay introduction.

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It then bursts out of the cells and produces a protein called oblivious globetrotting. AIDS/Ebola Author Defends Embattled African Presidents: Reports Outbreaks May Be “Man-made” and CIA-linked Sandpoint, Idaho Two African presidents, defending against the political and biological damage caused by AIDS and a new Ebola outbreak, may find relief by giving their nation’s health ministers a reading assignment.

Ebola virus–specific medical therapies, the potential effect of supportive care is great for a condition with high baseline mortality and one usually occurring in resource-constrained settings.

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