Eighth graders asked to write about booze herpes and one-night stands

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Denying personal visits inhumane A letter to the editor of the Oregonian protests plans to allow video-only visits with inmates at Oregon's newest prison, Two Rivers Correctional Institution, under construction in Umatilla.

Robert Galambos A list subscriber notes the California medical-marijuana patient has been sentenced to nine months in prison, but is free pending his appeal. Ruling Helps The State Keep Seized Property According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that prosecutors don't have to comply with state laws requiring them to file forfeiture actions to keep any property they believe was acquired through crime.

Instead, the court said suspects are the ones who have to file a lawsuit to get their property back. The decision came in the case of Leonard L. A lieutenant from one southeastern Wisconsin sheriff's department said: Law enforcement officials were extremely short on specifics.

Vigeant, a convicted felon with reputed ties to organized crime - and the son of Providence City Councilor Josephine Joan DiRuzzo - may soon be a free man after serving just 13 months of a year sentence in federal prison.

The federal appeals court in Boston tossed out Vigeant's conviction last month for being a felon in possession of a firearm, chastening the government for obtaining a warrant to search Vigeant's house in Narragansett without probable cause as part of a probe into a drug and money-laundering ring.

Most of the women there have the dreaded "to life" tacked on their sentences. The problem is that New York state is not releasing most prisoners who have served their mininum number of years. Inmates are worried that the reason may be a federal government mandate that federal funds used for state prisons require state inmates to serve seven eighths of their maximum sentence.

Dunne, says when he was a member of the New York State Senate inhe supported the enactment of the Rockefeller mandatory-minimum drug laws. His "unhappy" conclusion, after the hard experience of the last quarter century, is that those measures have failed to achieve their goals.

Instead, they have handcuffed judges, dangerously crowded prisons, and denied sufficient drug treatment alternatives to nonviolent addicted offenders.

Court upholds medical marijuana defense The Miami Herald recaps yesterday's news about the Florida Supreme Court re-affirming the state's medical necessity defense for medical marijuana patients. Despite the ruling, the state attorney general's office believes the legislature will try to close what the newspaper calls a "loophole" and outlaw the common-law defense.

Such a move would likely get a warm reception from Gov. Nationally, drug testing is big business. Cannabis compassion club surfaces The Nelson Daily News, in British Columbia, says that with the Canadian government currently looking into the medical use of marijuana, the Nelson Cannabis Compassion Club has decided to go public and is holding a potluck and information night on Monday.

Krieger was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis inand he has been distributing marijuana to the ill for five years now, after seeing how it relieved his own pain. He first turned to pot inafter 16 frustrating years of unsuccessful treatments led Krieger to attempt suicide. Not being able to walk or control his own bowel movements pushed him one night to swallow 40 Demerol and 30 sleeping pills.

Smith - Sells like teen spirits. The Weekly News in Review features several articles about Drug Policy, including - 'Zero tolerance' comes up short; Opposition to plan to test welfare applicants for drugs; Putting alcohol in ads on drugs is resisted; The heroin prescribing debate - integrating science and politics; and, Marcia Hood-Brown.

eighth graders asked to write about booze herpes and one-night stands

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eighth graders asked to write about booze herpes and one-night stands

A Yuppie wanted to act all tough and sh!t, so he bought a copy of Gray's Sporting Journal and decided to go pheasant hunting. He had all the expensive Filson gear, the jacket, the boots and the $6K Italian double-barreled shotgun.

One night shortly after he showed me his shotgun, my dad awoke to hear a rumbling in the kitchen at about A.M. He immediately grabbed his gun from over the bed, told my mom to stay put, and walked bare-ass naked toward . Nov 05,  · Eighth graders asked to write about booze, herpes and one-night stands By Todd Starnes Published November 05,

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