Essay on effects of television viewing on young people

Television becomes a popular and an indispensable thing in the world. Most families have more than one television in their houses.

Essay on effects of television viewing on young people

An English class in your high school is conducting research into the effects of young people's television viewing on their academic work and their personal behavior. You have been invited to speak to students in eighth grade about these effects. Read the text, "Your Children and TV," and use Read the text, "Your Children and TV," and use relevant information from it to write the speech you will give to middle school students.

Discuss the extent of television viewing by young people and the possible effects on their schoolwork and behavior. As you write, remember your essay will be scored based on how well you: Use any of the tools available to you, such as the Checklist, Spellchecker, or Graphic Organizer.

Your Children and TV In the last 50 years television has entered the home and influenced the life of virtually every American. This incredibly powerful invention has affected our social lives, ways of learning and entertaining ourselves, family relations, and lifestyles. Americans are almost literally glued to their sets.

In the average American home, the television is on for seven hours each day. Approximately 75 million sets are tuned in each weeknight, and 40 to 50 million people are watching at any time in the evening.

The youngest children are introduced to television in their homes and are captivated by it. Many small children spend more time watching TV than doing any other activity except sleeping. They will watch increasing amounts of TV each year until they finish the elementary grades.

By graduation from high school, most youngsters will have watched 48, commercials and seen 13, violent deaths.

They will have spent more time watching TV than they have in the classroom. Any activity that consumes so much time surely has significant effects. It is important to understand what those effects are so that television can be used to benefit our children. Effects of TV on Reading Levels and Schoolwork Television has varied effects on children's reading abilities and schoolwork.

The effects depend on the control of the programs they watch, their production techniques, the amount of time the children spend watching, and the age and maturity of the children. Television can educate, persuade, and entertain, and usually it does all three at once.

Used selectively, television can benefit youngsters in positive, educational ways. Not all programs have such positive effects. Television sales skyrocketed in the late 's and early 's. By the time people began to wonder how television was affecting children's schoolwork, almost everyone was watching and it was hard to compare households that had TVs to those that did not.

Three Canadian towns have been compared, however. The findings showed that the children in the town with no television were the best readers, whereas those with only commercial television were the poorest readers. Children who lived in the town with one public and one commercial channel were in between.

And when the town that previously had no TV began receiving it, reading scores fell.

Essay on effects of television viewing on young people

Another study ofstudents in California found that, as a group, the children who watched the most TV did the poorest in school, even if they did their homework. No single factor affected the children's schoolwork as much as the amount of TV they were watching.

There is also evidence that children who are heavy viewers speak less fluently, write choppier, shorter sentences, have smaller vocabularies, and make fewer inferences than children who watch less. Children who are heavy viewers also read less outside school.

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This finding is related not only to the amount of television they watch but to how much violence they see in cartoons and other programs they select.

Because children watch TV primarily for entertainment, they do not expend much mental effort while watching. If the program material seems familiar and sensible they pay little attention to substance.

Their reactions tend to be superficial and their responses shallow and noncommittal rather than Follow.Taking a deeper look and recognizing what is happening, and the reactions and effects television has is the first step. The Negative Effect of Television on People Essay.

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Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Television Viewing The use of electronic devices such as television, computers, tablets, cell phones, and video games has become the main feature of recreational activity for the youth.

More about The Negative Effect of Television .

Essay on effects of television viewing on young people

Jan 12,  · Discuss the extent of television viewing by young people and the possible effects on their schoolwork and behavior.

As you write, remember your essay will be scored based on how well you: •develop a multi-paragraph response to the assigned topic that clearly communicates your controlling idea to the Resolved.

Alcohol has damaging effects on young people’s developing brains-and the damage can be permanent. Children who watch TV are more likely to smoke.

Even though tobacco ads are banned on TV, young people still see people smoking on programs and movies shown on . Watching too much television is unhealthy for young people because of the violent adult programming, the influence on children to mimic the actions they see, and the harmful effects it 5/5(2).

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