Final design of reversible gates using

My first step was to check in with the LTspice forum on yahoo groups. On the forum I requested any previous design for the IC I needed.

Final design of reversible gates using

Ijesrt Journal [Sanu, 3 6: The speed and power dissipation of the multiplier operation is the very important factor.

From transistors to gates!

The reversible logic design provide the low power dissipation hence the multiplier designed using the reversible logic gates provide the low power dissipation and also the high performance. Our design provides high performance and also dissipates the low power than any other reversible design.

Reversible logic circuits, Reversible logic gates, Reversible multiplier design, Partial product generator, Partial product adder. Introduction Irreversible hardware computation results in 2 Each input pattern maps to a unique output power dissipation due to information loss.

Landauer in the early s, Reversible logic has applications in various irreversible hardware computation, regardless of its research areas such as low power CMOS design, realization technique, results in energy dissipation optical computing, quantum computing, due to the information loss.

The difference of logic circuits dissipate heat in an order of kT ln2 reversible logic synthesis compared to binary logic joules of energy for every bit of information that is synthesis can be summarized as follows: For room temperature T the equal number of inputs and outputs.

The reversible design circuit, is a garbage signal.

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If two from the outputs. Thus reversibility will become an copies of a signal are required, a copying circuit essential property in future circuit design in terms of is used. Any reversible circuit design includes features: Reversible logic 2 Design with minimum number of garbage The n-input k-output Boolean function f x1, outputs.

Every output of a gate, which is not used for 1 The number of outputs is equal to the further computations, is a garbage signal.

Final design of reversible gates using

The input number of inputs; that is added to an nxk function to make it reversible http: In many computational units Toffoli gate TG multiplication is a heavily used arithmetic operation. Toffoli gate TGalso known as controlled For the processors to have high speed multipliers is controlled-not CCNOTis a 3x3 reversible logic very important.

In this paper, we present a reversible gate. The Toffoli gate can be represented as: Several reversible logic gates have been gate is a 3x3 reversible logic gate. It can be proposed in the past few decades.

Using Transistors to Build Bigger Circuits

Some of them are: Some of them are presented to allow for Where Iv and Ov are the input and output comparison with existing studies. The Peres gate is shown in Fig.

It is shown in Fig. It consists of 16 partial product bits of the B form xi,yi. The proposed reversible 4x4 multiplier Fig 1: Partial product Generator PPG.

It x0y3 x0y2 x0y1 x0y0 is shown in Fig. Fredkin Gate is a conservative x1y3 x1y2 x1y1 x1y0 gate, that is, the Hamming weight of its input vector x2y3 x2y2 x2y1 x2y0 is the same as the Hamming weight of its output x3y3 x3y2 x3y1 x3y0 vector.

Operation Of The 4x4 Multiplier.

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In PPG the partial products are generated in parallel. The reversible gates we used are BME gate http: Total of the input bits. In PPA we use the are E Therefore, we have both of the required outputs.

Reversible gates we used in this design. The proposed reversible multiplier circuit uses eight reversible MHNG full adders.In this paper, design of reversible TR gate using lithium- niobate based Mach-Zehnder interferometer is proposed.

Final design of reversible gates using

The results are verified using beam propagation method and MATLAB simulations. Then, two novel 4*4 reversible logic gates (MRG and PAOG) are proposed with minimal delay, and may be configured to produce a variety of logical calculations on fixed output lines based on programmable select input lines.

For the purpose of this class, we will consider transistors to be the basic building blocks of computer hardware. A transistor is an electronic device that has three ends: a source, a sink, and a gate.

The figure below shows three individual transistors (circa s). Reversible logic is an emerging field of research which has been attracted researchers in the past decade and has applications in hardware and software designs such as low power circuit design, photonic circuits, cryptography, nanotechnology and particularly quantum computing.

reversible logic gates or circuits are always equal. Reversible logic is widely used in low power Very large scale integration (VLSI) design because of low power.

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