Ife modakeke crisis

An Insider View J. We have all watched in distress and anguish as our people in the two communities of Ife and Modakeke unleashed mayhem on each other. The loss of lives and destruction of properties that have resulted from these clashes sadden us all. This is why I share the concern and wish of all men and women of goodwill that everything should be done to put an end to these periodic clashes.

Ife modakeke crisis

Among the prominent conflicts in Nigeria are: These conflicts have provided a pattern that makes scholars to attribute their causes to greed, power and wealth distribution.

The impacts of these crises have led to loss of lives, displacement of people, destruction of properties, etc.

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Thus, the greatest challenge facing the process of conflict resolution in Nigeria is the issue of maintaining balance among the conflicting parties by the third party preferably the Nigerian Government.

This balance, however, can only be met if the roots of the conflict s are traced and treated fairly. Going by this analysis, the lessons from the Ife-Modakeke crisis makes a good study because of its strategic importance in Yoruba history; and again, its prospect for conflict resolution in Nigeria.

Synopsis of Chapter Chapter one This chapter begins with an introduction which gives a general background to the study. This is followed by objectives of the study, statement of the problem, literature review, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, research methodology, and lastly the endnotes.

Chapter Two This chapter looks at traditions of origin of both the people of Ife and Modakeke. Chapter Three This Ife modakeke crisis examines the major causes of the Ife-Modakeke crisis.

Ife modakeke crisis

Chapter Four This chapter focuses on the various resolutions and peace processes initiated by the Nigerian government, the various community stakeholders, and the peoples of Ife and Modakeke. Discussion on the implication which the Ife- Modakeke crisis has for the future of peace in Nigeria will also be presented in this chapter.

Chapter Five This chapter gives a summary and conclusion of the whole research work.

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Recommendations on how the two communities can build peace and quickly resolve emerging crises will be given in this chapter. Conflict resolution in Nigeria is multifaceted in that it refers to a process aimed at resolving ethnic conflicts through constructive means.

While it is true that not all conflicts lend themselves to conflict resolution techniques, the Ife-Modakeke crisis makes an exception. In the words of A.

Asiyanbolathe Ife- Modakeke crisis remains the oldest intra-ethnic conflict in Nigeria which makes the process of peace making a realistic one. According to oral tradition, both are descendants of Oduduwa, the perceived progenitor of the Yoruba people.

As related as Ife and Modakeke are, however, both have engaged in protracted conflict for over a century. The Modakeke people are generally considered strangers, tenants, and migrants in Ife.

Historical accounts suggest that the people of Modakeke migrated and settled in Ile-Ife in the aftermath of the collapse of the Old Oyo empire in the nineteenth century, causing a refugee crisis to the south and resulting in the occupation of their contemporary location.

It is recognized that the causes of the conflicts between Ifes and Modakekes are many and varied. Historians generally trace the crisis to pre-colonial Nigeria especially during the Yoruba internecine wars of the nineteenth century.

The two bloody battles of The communal war of December The conflict over selection of Imam by the Modakeke in The Isakole Land Rent dispute of — The confrontation over the reception of a British parliamentarian Rev. Sorenson in January The conflict over the establishment of Modakeke High School.

The conflict over the establishment of Olorunsogo Plank Market, h. The opposition to self help development projects by a Fund Raising activity of Modakeke in And the request for a separate Local Government Council with began in s.

Objectives of the Study This study seeks to achieve the following objectives: Statement of the Problem Conflict resolution in Nigeria is still in its developmental stage. While the Ife-Modakeke crisis remains the oldest of these conflicts, there is a need to develop an adaptive conflict resolution model that would arrest the situation before escalation.

Using Ife-Modakeke as a case study, the causes, course and effects of ethnic conflicts in Nigeria could be understood and would have a long term implication for peace process in Nigeria.gin of Ife-Modakeke crisis as stated by Al-bert, () is that an Ife Chief, Okunade, the Maye, who was the leader of the Yoruba warriors and settled in Ibadan in the early nineteenth century was a brave warrior, and was an autocrat.

He wielded so much influence in Ibadan politics that the. Lagos — In a new twist to the seemingly unending Ife/Modakeke crisis, the Modakekes, having waited in vain for the implementaion of the recommendations of the Bode George led peace panel, decided to create their own local government.

Ife East Local Government Area Office, Modakeke-Ife was created as a child of necessity following the recommendation of Chief Olabode George committee set up by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to broker peace between the .

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Studies on the Ife-Modakeke crisis have so far provided historical explanations for the crisis, factors (remote and immediate) that fuelled the crisis as well as steps taken so far by the legal. Using Ife-Modakeke as a case study, the causes, course and effects of ethnic conflicts in Nigeria could be understood and would have a long term implication for peace process in Nigeria.

Literature Review Scope of the Study This study covers conflict resolution in Nigeria using Ife-Modakeke crisis as case study.

Ife modakeke crisis

Modakeke, which has been embroidered in an age-long fratricidal war with Ife, added a new dimension to the crisis when the town decided to implement the recommendations of the peace panel set up.

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