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Bibliography lists 15 sources. The paper starts with a SWOT analysislooking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a PESTEL analysis is then conducted considering the political, economic, social, technological, environment and legal influence on the business, then a Porters Five Forces Analysis is conducted and the paper ends with a stakeholder analysis. The bibliography cites 4 sources. The paper first explains what is meant by a PESTEL analysis, outlines Porters Five Forces tool, and then uses them to examine the position of Tesco and identify the most important current factors influence the operation and strategy of Tesco.

Ikea pestle

Task 1 Using two of the four forms of control Knights and Willmott, as a framework, use any of the material in Unit 2 to discuss the benefits and challenges of these methods of management.

You should also explore the implications these managerial issues provoke in relation to your own practice as a manager or as an employee. Getting Tired of Never-Ending Assignments? Task 1 The organizational control is an indispensable part of the management system. According to Knights and Willmott, the management control is defined as the process through which the organization controls and influences the behavior and performance of the members Ikea pestle the organization so as to attain the objectives of the organization.

Organization control is an important component in the management function which is responsible to ensure that the goals of organization are achieved and that there are no deviations in the standard performance and actual performance Hannan, Polos and Carroll The control process is not the end process rather at every level of the management function management controls is required.

Managers monitor and evaluate the system, process and performances from time to time in all management in finance, operations, marketing, manufacturing, human resources management and serving customers Kotler The control system is vital for all these functions to meet the standards and achieve objectives.


There are various forms of organizational control and every organization adopts it own controlling methods. Here the essay discusses the four frameworks of organization control given by Knights and Willmott as direct supervision, bureaucratic procedures, cultural control and output and self regulation.

These four frameworks of organizational control have their own relevance in the organization to control various functions and activities. These techniques not just controls the performances but have the motivational techniques to encourage the employees to meet the actual level and standards of performance Griffin Here the discussion is on the two factors of organizational control- Bureaucratic Control and Cultural Control.

Ikea pestle

The organization control has always been a factor regulated not just by the management but by the employees self regulation, on the contrary, Knights and Willmott states that the organizational culture regulates the behavior of employees and provide them with the workplace which motivates the employees and help them to achieve their targets.

The organization control function must consist of the control mix of bureaucratic control and cultural control and must be implementing by managers effectively Daft This would help the organization to achieve an optimal mix of formal control with bureaucratic form and an informal control through cultural form.

The performance management, motivation among staff and enhancing corporate culture requires the bureaucratic control in the organization with effective leadership Miles The organizational control, bureaucratic control form in the present context in management refers to managing and controlling the performance and output of the employees through punishments and rewards so as to make sure that the employees work performance, output and conduct matches the standards and expectations of senior management to achieve the organizational objectives Novikov Bureaucratic control was first introduced in the technical control during and post years of World War II and greatly increased its importance thereafter.

Bureaucratic control and the other forms of control system differ in homogenous feature on the organization control that mixes within the structure of the organization itself. On the contrary, Robbins and Coulter states that the organization structure is dependent on the culture that the organization and its managers follow which refers to the set practices, norms and rules in professional life.

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According to Schermerhorn Culture is the form of controlling the employees behavior, sense of belonging and motivation towards performing in organization and providing the stability within the workplace. The main focus of the organization control is to make the employees meet the targets effectively, motivate and perform according to the standards of the organization Sinnott ADELSTEN pestle and mortar, μάρμαρο μαύρο, Kitchen utensils We use cookies to ensure the best possible experience as a guest in our site.

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Ikea pestle

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