Project long range objective

Our passion, personalized service and focus on the full life-cycle of a project, from inception to project completion, has enabled us to establish long term relationships with several of our clients — some of which have been clients since

Project long range objective

He also said the aircraft "will be designed and developed using proven technologies, an approach that should make it possible to deliver this capability on schedule and in quantity.

It is important that we begin this project now to ensure that a new bomber can be ready before the current aging fleet goes out of service. The follow on bomber represents a key component of a joint portfolio of conventional deep-strike capabilities—an area that should be a high priority for future defense investment given the anti-access challenges our military faces.

Christie speculated that the bomber program had been initiated so that the Air Force would have a sacrificial program to offer during anticipated defense budget shortfalls. Reportedly, the main risk is funding, in light of the F Lightning II 's acquisition difficulties and a lack of an "urgent threat".

Prior bomber programs were hindered by a lack of funding, only 21 B-2 Spirits were produced out of planned and fewer B-1 Lancers were built than were envisioned; both programs were scaled down due to spiraling per aircraft costs. Where possible, existing technologies and proven subsystems will be used in order to keep it within budget, instead of developing new and riskier ones.

Components such as engines and radars may be off-the-shelf or adaptions of existing models, such Project long range objective derivative technologies of the F The LRS-B is intended to perform any long range mission, rather than one specialized mission, which drove up the cost of the B Boeing will be the Project long range objective contractor.

The two companies previously joined together for the program inbut the partnership ended in when requirements shifted. Boeing believes that as the program had evolved, they can readdress their partnership to specifically address requirements.

The team has Boeing's bomber experience and Lockheed Martin's stealth experience. At the time of the announcement, official details about the LRS-B were that it will likely be optionally manned and use stealth technology.

It was stated it will be fielded in the mids, and between 80 and of the bombers will be procured. Burton Field clarified the 80 to range is due to uncertainty over the price rather than a figure representing the minimum number of bombers needed to mitigate risk.

The cost goal is to set design constraints to prevent extra requirements for capability growth desires and untested technologies that would increase the price more from being incorporated during development.

Though the final cost may be greater than planned, a fixed price objective is expected to keep average procurement costs affordable. Research and development expenses are likely to be "significant", but not expected to be double the cost of production aircraft.

Two teams, Northrop Grumman and Boeing—Lockheed Martin, were working on pre-proposals for the competition. Some public information includes that it will be operational in the mids, based on existing technologies, have a large payload, may possibly be optionally-manned, and is being designed to work with a "family of systems" that includes ISR, electronic attack, and communication systems.

Early aircraft will be designed around fixed requirements with mature technologies that will be adaptable through open architecture for future sensor and weapons capabilities. Public announcements of future acquisition milestones are to be "released as appropriate.

By entering the competitive phase of acquisition, the USAF is limited with what it is able to release, and few details were expected to be made public until the contract is awarded in the second quarter of According to an Air Force study, the Boeing B Stratofortresses and Rockwell B-1 Lancers currently in inventory will reach the end of their service lives by The previous measure only applied to subcontractors, meaning Lockheed Martin as part of the Boeing—Lockheed Martin team, placing Northrop Grumman at a near half-billion-dollar disadvantage in the bidding; the new measure levels the tax benefit field by also applying them to prime contractors, as Northrop Grumman has no subcontractor and also has operations in Palmdale.

With that stretch of time in between, the loser may be forced to leave the industry entirely; Northrop Grumman would likely not retain the infrastructure required for the next major undertaking, and Boeing's main aircraft field is now its commercial products.

This means even though one team will build the aircraft, other competitors will have the chance to compete for sustainment and upgrade features. Prolonging this part of the process is seen as a time and money-saver later in the acquisition to ensure the resulting bomber can be useful over a year lifespan.

Final requirements had been finalized since May Both competitors had mature proposals with prototyping activities and wind tunnel tests along with subsystems, although no demonstrator had been built.

The designs are "very different" from each other with different teams on subsystems such as engines, electronic warfare suites, and communications systems; subcontractors will likely not be announced when the winner is picked.

Project long range objective

The bomber seems similar to the B-2, but more advanced using improved materials for superior low observability, similar to or smaller in size, and will operate alone or as part of a strike package with other airborne assets.

Conducting of tests and risk reduction this early in the acquisition process is in part because the program has been handled by the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office sincewhich has more freedom in how it procures technologies.

To reduce risk, the aircraft's production rate will probably remain steady and fairly modest over the course of the aircraft's production.Jun 26,  · With larger companies where more extensive data makes long range planning more dependable, reaching out as far as 25 years, although unusually long, may be effective.

In . Project managers should identify these tasks, determine how long each will take, and gauge their dependence on other tasks. He should also stay abreast of when critical path tasks are completed so he can gauge the progress toward the objective of .

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