Protesters riot as china bids to have a democratic elections

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Protesters riot as china bids to have a democratic elections

Blogger Ran Yunfei charged with inciting subversion of state power About 35 leading Chinese activists have been arrested or detained by authorities [27] including a leading Sichuan human rights activist Chen Wei[4] Tiananmen Square protest student leader, Ding Mao[4] well-known blogger Ran Yunfeiand Teng Biao of Open Constitutional Initiative.

Enforcement of the new rules on Sunday 28 February resulted in beating of one camera operator and detention of several reporters for several hours before their release and confiscation of their materials.

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Tweets by the new accounts took a hostile position to calls for demonstrations. He alleged that teachers had received "a certain note ordering them to do their duty, otherwise they will be in trouble, or their school will be in trouble.

Some vendors stated that Beijing police wanted written assurances that no jasmine flowers shall be sold in their stalls. He also said that "although there are many problems in China right now, the government is doing the best it can to try and combat these problems instead of ignoring them.

The government reveals its own problems to the public and tries to deal with it. This type of government is strong and will move forward. Without political reform, economic reform cannot succeed, and the achievements we have made may be lost," he said yesterday.

My own experience and those of my colleagues show how incredibly terrified and paranoid the Chinese authorities are of any anti-government movement forming in China.

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They cannot do it. Some protesters threw chrysanthemum flowers at him as Jasmine flowers were not in seasonwhile others tried to deliver plastic jasmine flowers and juice to him. Police claimed that the groups both numbered about 50 people.Riot police have clashed with unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators who made a daring early morning charge to reclaim one of Hong Kong's protest hotspots.

Protesters want a free vote in the elections, but last month, the Chinese government said the only candidates on the ballot would be vetted by a committee in Beijing. Protesters and dissidents in China espouse a wide variety of grievances, including corruption, forced evictions, unpaid wages, human rights abuses, environmental degradation, ethnic protests, petitioning for religious freedom and civil liberties, protests against one-party rule, as well as nationalist protests against foreign countries.

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The Chinese pro-democracy protests (simplified Chinese: 中国茉莉花革命; traditional Chinese: 中國茉莉花革命), also known as the Chinese Jasmine Revolution, refer to public assemblies in over a dozen cities in China starting on 20 February , inspired by and named after the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia; the actions that took and take place at protest sites, and response by the Chinese .

These are external links and will open in a new window Hong Kong police have used tear gas to disperse thousands of pro-democracy protesters near the government complex, after a week of escalating.

Protesters riot as china bids to have a democratic elections
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