Research paper on computer networking

More essentially, these big data transfers are crucial to the maintenance and backup operations of data centers. Obviously, if a single path is used for data transfers, the aggregate e2e transfer rate will be limited to the bottleneck s on that path. Parallel data transfers can be spread over the network in a non-overlapping manner to improve the aggregate throughput. The downside is that such parallel transfers require multi-path routing capability.

Research paper on computer networking

CloudCmp is a systematic comparator of the performance and cost of cloud providers that helps customers pick a cloud that fits their needs.

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CloudCmp measures the elastic computing, persistent storage, and networking services offered by a cloud along metrics that directly reflect their impact on the performance of customer applications. This cross-platform measurement tool is useful for controlled experiments.

As of Summer of3GTest had been downloaded and executed by more than 70, users from all over the world. It uses a route-injection mechanism to measure the performance of alternative paths that are not being currently used, without disturbing current traffic.

Based on the cost, performance, traffic, and link capacity information, it computes the optimal cost vs. Web service providers have many options for improving service performance, varying greatly in feasibility, cost and benefit, but have few tools to predict the impact of these options.

WebProphet is a system that automates performance prediction for web services. It employs a novel technique based on timing perturbation to extract web object dependencies, and then uses these dependencies to predict the performance impact of changes to the handling of the objects.

While the knowledge of dependencies is invaluable for ensuring the stability and efficiency of network applications, thus far the only proven way to discover these complex dependencies is by exploiting human expert knowledge, which does not scale with the number of applications in large enterprises.

Orion discovers network dependencies by inspecting packet headers and timing information. The dependency extraction techniques are based on delay spike based analysis.

The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking

We have built an Outlook add-in that alerts you of any e-mail sent to you which has become delayed or lost. Enables detection of content- and routing-based differentiations in backbone ISPs.

We have used NetPolice to study 18 large ISPs spanning 3 major continents over a 10 week period in The study was published in IMC It helps customers and applications determine which ISP offers the best performance for their specific workload. Using Netdiff, we find that the relative performance of ISPs depends on many factors, including the geographic properties of traffic and the popularity of destinations.

NetMedic helps operators perform detailed diagnosis in enterprise networks. It diagnoses not only generic faults e. It identifies culprits at a fine granularity such as a process or firewall configuration.

Our work focuses on both the algorithmic aspects of detailed diagnosis as well as the important task of explaining diagnostic reasoning to the operator. Our goal is to enable cheap and high-throughput wireless connectivity to moving vehicles in urban areas. The available options for such connectivity today fall short in significant ways.

Cellular networks are expensive and have low throughput. While some existing WiFi basestations can provide opportunistic connectivity to passing vehicles, they are unable to support longer periods of connectivity.

However, WiFi deployment is becoming denser and in many cases, entire cities are being covered. But given the short range of WiFi and the presence of many interfering sources, can such deployments enable continuous, cheap, high-throughput connectivity, by themselves or in conjunction with cellular networks?

Measurement-based models of wireless networks: Based on detailed measurements of wireless behavior in the wild, we build practical models that aid in understanding and predicting network performance. Our goal is to have a level of performance predictability that is similar to that of wired networks.

Bunker is a network tracing system that offers strong privacy while simplifying the development of network tracing software. In this way, no raw data can be lost, leaked, or stolen. BlueMonarch is a system for evaluating Bluetooth applications in the wild.Computer Networks is an international, archival journal providing a publication vehicle for complete coverage of all topics of interest to those involved in the computer communications networking area.

The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementors.

The Wireless and Networking group at Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental research on all aspects of computer networking.

Our group members’ research interests span cloud computing, datacenter networks, wireless, and mobile systems. The Wireless and Networking group at Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental research on all aspects of computer networking. Our group members’ research interests span cloud computing, datacenter networks, wireless, and mobile systems.

We investigate new paradigms to build intelligent cloud. Current Topics for Networking Research Washington University in Saint Louis Saint Louis, MO Computer Industry produces as much Issues in Networking Research, 1.

Security, 2. Wireless and Mobile Networking, Aeronautical Datalinks (WUSTL), 3. Energy Efficient Networking, 4. Datacenter Networking, Separation of Control and Data. Kevin Brown and Suresh Singh, The problem of multicast in mobile networks, 5th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, October 16 - 19, , Washington, DC.

Research paper on computer networking

Paper Suresh Singh, Quality of Service Guarantees in Mobile Computing, J. Computer Communications Vol. 19 (), pp. research topics Geoff Xie 2 3 Related Network Courses l CS Introduction to Computer Networks – physical and link layers, and local area networks l CS Advanced Topics in Networking – network and transport layers, selected advanced topics.

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