Tanglewood case two

The target customers are the middle and upper income individuals in the society.

Tanglewood case two

Generate a recruiting guide for the store associate job. Describe the relative advantages of open versus targeted recruiting for Tanglewood.

Using the information obtained from steps one and two, provide recommendations for how Tanglewood should recruit employees in the future.

Case Objectives Recruiting is the first stage in which organizational plans for staffing come into contact with the labor market for employees.

The recruiting case provides an opportunity to see how staffing managers develop plans for recruiting efforts. You will develop a recruiting strategy and a recruiting guide for the store associate job.

The case also demonstrates how you can use organizational data to determine what the best Tanglewood case two for recruiting are. Finally, you will have an opportunity to develop various forms of recruiting messages that will encourage individuals to apply for jobs as sales associates at Tanglewood.

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Primary Concerns Regarding Recruiting Like any retail organization, there is a constant need for new employees at Tanglewood because of turnover. The process of recruiting is therefore of great concern for managers in the field.

However, up to this point, the organization has not had any centralized method for recruiting new employees. As part of the consolidation across stores, Tanglewood is now encouraging a systematic review of their recruiting policies that will ultimately result in a better recruiting system for store associates.

Staffing services has made very few decisions regarding how recruiting should proceed. Each store has been encouraged to ensure that their recruiting methods attract a culturally diverse group of applicants.

Beyond this general directive from the corporate offices, however, there is not very much direction for stores regarding how they should be recruiting new store associates. Regional managers occasionally discuss ideas for how to recruit new employees, but as you will see, they have some very distinct methods for recruiting in practice.

Methods of Recruiting Available There are five primary methods of recruiting store associates used at Tanglewood in Washington and Oregon. For additional information regarding these sources of recruiting check your textbook, where advantages and disadvantages of each method are described in greater detail.

Media The most traditional method for recruiting used by Tanglewood is media advertising, such as print, radio, and television advertising sources, coupled with respondents filling out a standardized job application.

This process is accessible through either the internet or an automated telephone application process. This allows interested individuals to apply without actually having to go into the stores.

Paper applications are still available at stores. Media expenses are a combination of initially setting up a contact with a media outlet, developing an advertisement, and the price of processing materials and interviews for each applicant.

Referrals Employees are encouraged to refer their friends to apply for work at Tanglewood as well.

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Referral expenses are a combination of creating and maintaining records, the price of processing materials and interviews for each applicant, and the payment for each individual who is hired.

Kiosk An alternative method of recruiting that minimizes processing costs is to have a computerized kiosk in the main entrance to the stores.

Tanglewood case two

The kiosks look somewhat like ATM machines, and feature a fully functioning keyboard and touch-screens. Unlike media advertisements and internet applications which are limited by the speed of internet connections and the fact that not all potential applicants have ready internet accessthe kiosks provide opportunities for applicants to watch short videos explaining what the job entails.Tanglewood and Summerwood Homes For Sale~4S Ranch Real Estate.

Tanglewood and Summerwood at 4S Ranch were built by William Lyon in the same area and sold together although the two developments are distinctively different. The Tanglewood case is closely intertwined with textbook concepts.

Most assignments in the case require reference to specific tables and examples in the book. After completing these cases, you will be much more able to understand and apply the material in the textbook.

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