The effect of new laws and

In an exclusive interview, Patronis said the stories covered by News 6 along with his meeting with first responders and their families, inspired him to make the PTSD law his top priority.

The effect of new laws and

The effect of new laws and

Several state laws will go into effect Saturday, and a lot of them will most certainly have an effect on our day to day lives Here are some details about a few of them: State employees will get a 3 percent raise and teachers a 2 percent raise.

State trooper starting wages are going up significantly, and the budget also addressed pay compression for more veteran members of the force. Raises go into effect July 10 and will be reflected in the first August paychecks. It aims to cut down on confusion and fear during traffic stops and would cover law enforcement procedure and how drivers should respond.

The law was created for a Northern Virginia mixed-use center. It does leave the door open for a developer to bring the idea to Hampton Roads. Stronger Alcohol The state can now sell proof neutral grain alcohol like Everclear. Previously, it could only sell proof. Another new law will make it easier for people with court debts to enter into a deferred or installment payment plan to avoid having their licenses suspended HB What to do after a car crash Drivers will be required to move a vehicle from the road after a breakdown, accident or another emergency that did not result in injury or death if the vehicle is movable and the driver is capable of safely doing so HB Ron Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach, hopes it decreases the length of time that crashes tie up interstates.

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The registries would give officials name and address information needed to regulate and tax the rentals. Ticket reselling Ticket buyers will be able to resell tickets on any online platform HB Some sellers, like Ticketmaster, now require ticket holders to resell on their secondary-seller platform.

Schedule your vehicle inspections Drivers will be able to schedule their annual vehicle inspections with auto shops that have more than one inspection lane SB One lane would have to remain first-come, first-served. Blaze pink Hunters can make a new fashion statement this deer season.

Electronic hunting license Hunters, who were required to have their paper license on them when hunting, can carry an electronic version instead.

Lifetime pet licenses Localities can offer lifetime dog or cat licenses.

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Bullying notification Principals must notify the parent of any student involved in any bullying of the status of any investigation within five school days. If you find yourself seeking assistance with bail or legal resources. Contact Chances Bail Bonds today. We have been assisting local communities throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC for over 15 years.Jul 19,  · Why do storms spin in different directions depending on their location—and why do they spin in the first place?

Play the Cloud Lab: It was a big year in the Illinois statehouse with lawmakers ending an historic budget impasse and approving an income tax hike, overhauling how public schools get funding and allowing automatic.

The effect of new laws and

Dozens of new laws take effect in the new year, from establishing a Buy American procurement program, to those that create new custom license plates for Kiwanis, Iraq vets and Appalachian Trail.

WASHINGTON - Out with the old and in with the new! The year of may be over, but there is a slew of new laws that are going into effect this New Year’s Day in both Maryland and Virginia.

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The new laws bring a welcome reform to what many considered to be an outdated process, and the changes that were made will hopefully be a better path for ex-convicts to try and receive a new .

The New Year brings new laws that you need to know about, especially if you are living in Georgia. Several new laws went into effect in Georgia on January 1, , according to news is a brief summary of the changes.

Notable new laws in Maryland and Virginia taking effect in - Story | WTTG