The powerful position of women in society niniane the lady of the lake

It is one such image, that of "magician", which is the subject of this thesis. Given this contrast between the archetype as such and the archetypal image in which it finds cultural expression, "the magician" might better be regarded as an archetypal image than as an archetype itself. Jungian usage is, however, inconsistent on this point and because one so often sees the magician referred to directly as an archetype,10 I have adopted this usage for my thesis.

The powerful position of women in society niniane the lady of the lake

The Story of Merlin and Vivien The legend of Merlin and Vivien has survived throughout the ages in a way that not many other stories have.

This phenomenon has been made possible because writers have found remarkable ways to transform the characters and the narrative over the centuries. This overview discusses those versions of the Merlin and Vivien legend in which the most notable changes take place. The French Vulgate texts establish the idea that Viviane is Merlin's student as well as the woman that he is in love with.

We also learn that Merlin is the son of the devil. Viviane and Merlin are in love, and Viviane wishes to preserve the state of happiness that they are in. There is no deception or malice involved in Viviane's entrapment of Merlin in the beautiful tower.

But in the Post-Vulgate version of the story she is not in love with Merlin and traps him in a much crueler way.

The powerful position of women in society niniane the lady of the lake

The reader of this story is left with the sense that a woman's charm can render even the wisest man helpless. This sense of helplessness reflects the prejudice that is present in the early Arthurian texts that women are important instruments in the downfall of even the greatest men and kingdoms.

The story takes on an entirely new perspective in Malory's version in the Morte D'Arthur when Nenyve is not at all interested in Merlin.

She is a pure young girl and Merlin can not stop thinking about her and plotting to take her virginity. Merlin's behavior towards Nenyve shows that he is very inept when it comes to courtly love and society. It proves what an outsider he is within the court. This feeling of being outside of the court, and being "other" is stressed even more by the placement of Merlin's entrapment within the context of the work as a whole.

By getting rid of Merlin very early on, Malory demonstrates that Arthur's court can survive quite well without the aid of magic, prophecy, and "the old way" Goodrich After Nenyve seals Merlin up, she goes on to prove even further that she is a pure and benevolent spirit by saving King Arthur from Accolon.

Malory also mentions that Nenyve is the chief Lady of the Lake. By including Nenyve in a context separate from Merlin's imprisonment, he in effect makes her an integral part of the Arthurian legend Holbrook In Tennyson's version, told in the "Merlin and Vivien" idyll, the tradition of Merlin's blinding love of Vivien continues.

The main difference in this tale is that Vivien is the one who seduces Merlin into loving her.

Thesis: The Archetype of the Magician

Imagery is used throughout the idylls to convey examples of the bestiality inherent in the forces existing outside of the court, which Arthur is attempting to overcome. This bestiality is particularly evident in Vivien's character.

She is associated with serpents, rats, and spiders as she lures Merlin into her trap. Vivien does nothing to redeem herself within Arthur's court as her character does in Malory's version. Vivien's character is viewed by some critics as being "associated with the betrayal of love Vivien clearly represents the opposite of Arthur, who for Tennyson is the blameless British king.

In Tennyson's scheme of the true and the false, she represents the false at its most unredeemable. In the early twentieth century Edwin Arlington Robinson published his poem Merlin, a version of the legend in which Vivian and Merlin are lovers.

The issues of magic and entrapment are not part of the story Starr since Robinson was primarily interested in a realistic portrayal of the characters.

This version is a very important step towards modernizing the story, in that Robinson deals with the issue of the "new woman.

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She is not completely dependent on Merlin in order to continue living her life The poem also presents a sharp contrast between the public and private spheres, represented by Camelot and Broceliande, as is made evident in the poem when Merlin says: Time called him home, And that was as it was; for much is lost Between Broceliande and Camelot.

The story is also a commentary on how the woman's world is not truly part of society.The marital division of labor of "men plow, women weave" is expected to widen the gap in power of household decision-making in favor of men, keeping women in a subordinate position.

In contrast, archaeological remains from pre-Confucian periods show that women played active roles at . Texas women have been immortalized by song, stereotyped in film, and made legendary by myth. The Lady of the Lake has appeared in Hellblazer, Aquaman, and her sister's series.

The powerful position of women in society niniane the lady of the lake

In the DC Comics series Camelot , the Lady of the Lake is referred to as Nyneve, and is depicted as a woman with a beautiful body wearing a golden sun-shaped mask. Morgan le Fay sends her to confront the heroes of Camelot.

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Arthur's connection to this group of women is severed in the preceding tale, 'Balin,' in which the previous Lady of the Lake is slain while she is under Arthur's protection ().

Would you believe that women were powerful as long ago as the fifth and sixth centuries? BELIEVE IT! Niniane, The Lady of the Lake, was one of the most powerful and influential women in King Arthur? s court.

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She used her intelligence and beauty to place herself at the right hand of King Arthur himself. Niniane was an ambiguous woman who lived in the lake of the Celtic Otherworld.

The story of Merlin and Vivien has lasted throughout the years and continues to have a strong hold in modern literature. The versatile and universal theme of love as well as the complex relationship between the characters presented in the story holds much potential for future retellings.

Thesis: The Archetype of the Magician