The pros and cons of the voting age of thirteen

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The pros and cons of the voting age of thirteen

In most countries across the world, that minimum is set at But then again, in some places as well as in certain circumstances like local electionspeople as young as 16 could cast their vote. The age at which an individual can vote has been a topic of interest for a number of years. Looking back at history though, the voting age was set at 21, and in some areas, even older than that.

It was during the s when several countries agreed on 18 being an appropriate age for someone to cast a vote. Today, most countries do have 18 years as their minimum required voting age, but there have been debates about lowering that even further to 16 years. InCzechoslovakia became the first to reduce the age limit to By the s, a number of countries — particularly those in Western Europe — dropped the minimum voting age to 18 with the United Kingdom kicked things off with The Representation of the People Act in The United States of America will soon, with the lowering of voting ages as a response to increased student activism protesting the Vietnam War.

Before that, the voting age was set at 21 across the country. An amendment was drafted to lower the voting age after the decision of the Supreme Court in Oregon vs. Mitchell which held that Congress can establish a voting age for federal elections, but not for state or local elections.


A proposal to include citizens aged 18 and older in the right to vote was adopted by both houses of Congress and then send to the states for ratification.

This — the 26th Amendment — became part of the Constitution on July 1, Other countries to follow suit were Canada, Australia and France. Many others soon followed as well. As a result, 18 became the majority when it came to minimum voting age by the end of the 20th century.

To this day, there are still debates in certain countries on whether or not they should lower the voting age to In Japan, for instance, the minimum voting age is An editorial in The Asahi Shimbun had this to say: The problem of political stagnation on this nation, as symbolized by low voter turnout, which was underscored by the unified local elections this spring, and a serious shortage of people seeking political careers, has become too serious to be overlooked.

List of Pros of Lowering the Voting Age 1. It gives young citizens an influential voice in decisions made by their governments.

Should Year-Olds Have the RIght to Vote

As mentioned earlier, politics and government are taught in schools. Students listen as teachers — some with varying opinions at that — tell them about what has happened in the landscape of politics and government over the ages in their country.

Being filled with those ideas and information is shaping how these young students feel and think about the government and politics in their country. It might even open up discussions about the state of the nation and what could and should be done to solve the numerous issues it is facing.

While the case for being active in matters regarding politics and government is a slippery issue to discuss when it comes to teenagers, a case can also be made that not every voter within or above the minimum voting age make informed decisions.

How can you truly tell that someone aged 50 years is better at making a decision than a year-old? In terms of life experiences, sure.

The pros and cons of the voting age of thirteen

But in matters regarding politicians and their antics? It might be a good idea to listen to different sides of the story. As stated in earlier parts of this article, Austria became the first country in the European Union to allow voters as young as 16 to cast their votes during the national elections.Play a game of Kahoot!

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